Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Power in Jesus' Name

When I was newly saved (1980) I had an experience that reminds of an abduction. It had nothing to do with aliens and space, but I dreamt that I was laying on a table, surrounded by grotesque, demonic beings. One of them had green skin and a head that looked like that of a rhinoceros', and a big human-like body.

What they were doing, was that they were binding my thoughts. They pulled them out of my head, and for every pull, my conciousness diminished. Finally there was only a very small dot of my conciousness left, the rest was thick, black darkness.

In that moment a thought came that I must call upon the name of Jesus. I was newly saved, and hadn't yet made it a habit, or reflex. So I tried to say the name of Jesus, but I couldn't. Something resisted, I couldn't form my lips and couldn't move my cheek. I tried a couple of times, and finally I managed to squeeze through a small, almost unhearable whispering: JESUS! And immediately all of it disappeared - the darkness, the beings, and the dream. I awoke, and felt an unbelievable thankfulness to Jesus, and understood what a power there is in His name.

This thing, lying on a table surrounded by awful beings and being manipulated by them, is similar to those who are being abducted by "aliens".* It could be that evilness comes in different shapes to different people and in different times.

Or it could be that the powers of cosmos are working in both the spiritual and physical realm, which is what I believe. My experience wasn't physical, but I don't deny that others may have experienced similar things in the physical realm, and been taken aboard spaceships. It is in line with the Bible that encounters with the supernatural can be of both kinds.

It's not fantasies, and not regular nightmares. The Bible shows there is a spiritual world, and that the beings that resides there can descend to our realm, to the physical world. I believe some of these beings are travelling in space, both God's angels and the fallen Watchers. And that they have both spiritual and physical bodies, and can switch from the one to the other, when they chose to.

The acid test for God's good angels is that they love Jesus and don't proclaim anything that is against the Word of God, the Bible.

* At that time I knew nothing about abductions.

(Originally written in Swedish, 2005, on my website Bibeltemplet)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Sign in the Sky

This picture was taken recently over the community where I live. Actually just outside my house. I only had the cellphone camera at hands, but the picture clearly shows a very strange cloud hovering in the north sky. It has symmetric features, which a cloud cannot have. I'm just writing a series of articles about strange clouds and the angelic connection, and this shows up!

The same picture with more contrast