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How to understand Enoch 104:12 - 105:1-2

In the Swedish 1901 translation of this part of the Enoch text, I think the message of Enoch has been much more clearer translated than in the English translations. The Swedish translation is based on a German translation, and seems to have a direct aim at us who lives now. I have completed the Schodde English text with the Swedish interpretation, so you'll see what I mean. First the Schodde text, and then the completed text:

1. "But when they write all my words in rectitude in their languages, and do not change or abridge anything of my words, but write all in rectitude, all that I have first testified on their account, then I know another mystery, that books will be given to the just and to the wise for joy and for rectitude and for much wisdom.
And the books will be given to them, and they will believe in them and will rejoice in them; and then all the just, who have learned all the paths of rectitude out of them, will be rewarded.
And in those days, says the Lord, "they will call and testify over the sons of the earth concerning their wisdom: show it to them, for ye are their leaders, and the rewards over all the earth. For I and my son will join with them to eternity in the paths of rectitude in their lives. And peace will be to you; rejoice, ye children of rectitude, in truth!"

2. "But when they write all my words in rectitude in their languages, and do not change or abridge anything of my words, but write all in rectitude, all that I have first testified on their account, then I know another mystery, that [the] books will be given to the just and to the wise for joy and for rectitude and for much wisdom.
And the books will be given to them, and they will believe in them and will rejoice in them; and then all the just, who have learned all the paths of rectitude out of them, will be rewarded.
And in those days, says the Lord, they will call and testify [to] the sons of the earth concerning the wisdom [of these books]. Show it to them, ye [who] are their leaders, and the rewards over all the earth. For I and my son will join with them to eternity in the paths of rectitude in their lives. And peace will be to you; rejoice, ye children of rectitude, in truth!"*

What comes forth much clearer here is that when the people of God starts to translate the books (meaning the five parts of the book) of Enoch rightly in the last days, these books will be given (by God) to His people, and they will begin to believe in them again. And then there is a direct calling to the leaders in the last days, to publish and to preach about this book!

When I was working with a modernisation of the Swedish text, and read that and really understood what it says, I felt as if the words were aimed directly to me. It was like that which I was doing was foretold, 5000 years ago, and that this old prophet's words were in effect directly into my life.

I encourage you to do the same. Publish the book in your own language, if it's not done, or not newly done. Make sure it is correctly translated. Use this interlinear to check and compare. Who can do this better than the people of God? We have a calling to do so, and the blessing will be upon us, mightily. For the end is near, and this book is written for the last generation and will have a hugh role in things to come.

* That this is the correct meaning of the text is of course no news. Maybe you knew that all the time. But it needs to be told more boldly.

"At the same time, 104:12-13, though referring to books to be given to the righteous (who in turn are exhorted to give to the children of the earth) , seems to have in mind the enochic writings themselves, which shall be disclosed during the (fictive) future of the patriarch."

From "1 Enoch 91-108" by Loren T. Stückenbruck, p 221, p 254. Also, p 443: "the text predicts that the Enochic books will be given to the "righteous and the wise".

This is happening right now.

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Astronomy confirms the accuracy of the Book of Enoch

I have discovered something very interesting in the Book of Enoch. In the 18th chapter, he is describing a journey with the angels, where they are flying in an angelic "spaceship" southwards on the earth, and coming to a place where there are pillars of heavenly fire. To me, this sounds like they were flying over Africa (from the Middle East), and coming to the South Pole, and watching the Southern Lights.

Enoch describes how he is passing several mountains, which quite well fits in with the mountains in east and south Africa. He passes over where the "waters collect", which obviously is where the oceans gather south of Africa. Then when they come to the place further south, he sees a deep rift, or abyss, which would suggest that Antarctica at that time was free from ice. And we know that there are ancient maps that seem to depict Antarctica as an ice-free landmass.

Now, over this abyss, where the heavenly fire goes up and down like immense pillars, there are seven stars. This is of course not stars here on earth, but stars hovering over the South Pole horizon. A well known formation of seven stars is the Pleiades. Were the stars Enoch saw the Pleiades? Several things seems to confirm this. Firstly, the angels tells him that certain fallen angels were to be bound to those stars, because of their mingling with women on earth.

This story is very similar to myths in Greece and Mesopotamia. In the Greek myth, seven women were put in the starry heaven because of their mingling with the Titans, by which they were made pregnant. This is also a clear parallel to Genesis 6. And in Enoch, which describes this story in detail, we read, in the chapter after chapter 18, that the women who were seduced by the fallen angels, were to be imprisoned together with those angels, among those seven stars. These Greek women were called the Pleiades, and therebye we know that those seven stars in Enoch must be the Pleiades.

Then there is also a myth from Mesopotamia, where seven demons were bound as seven stars in the sky. Also here those stars are identified as the Pleiades. This star formation was very well-known to all the ancients, because of its beautiful appearance and for its role for agricultural dates.

Thus we can be quite sure that the stars Enoch saw on the horizon above Antarctica, were the Pleiades.

Read the rest of the article here.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


and the 2000-year ticks

SOMEONE SAYS (concerning this post): The ZODIAC? What has that to do with the Word of God? Well, plenty. Who put the stars on the firmament? Who made the constellations? God, of course.

So if we find that some of the most important events in the Bible occurs during the same passage as when the constellations in the sky passes from one sign to the other, then we ought to notice that, and learn from it.

Those who missuse these signs and constellations for astrology doesn't take away the fact that it was God Almighty who gave these signs to us:

"And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:" (Gen. 1:14).

So, the Zodiac, or the Mazzaroth in Hebrew, is God's clock. By this we now know, that we are living in a time when something really important is about to happen. And those of the enemy knows it too, and here's were we have our struggle.

Image: Mosaic pavement of a 6th century synagogue at Beit Alpha, northern Israel.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Hidden Enoch Scroll

The Aramaic Enoch Scroll is a non-published, privately owned, complete copy of the Book of Enoch.

There is no absolute public proof of its existence, but according to the former chief editor of the official Dead Sea Scrolls editorial team, John Strugnell (deseased 2007), the scroll is well preserved, and microfilmed. Strugnell was shown the microfilm in 1990, during the Kuwait crisis, but was never able to buy it for the editorial team.

Another person who has stated having seen the scroll or the microfilm, is Gerald Lankester Harding, who was the director of Jordan's Department of Antiquities (1936-1956).


The scroll is said to have been found in the Qumran "Cave 11", in 1956, together with the other, already publicized scrolls and fragments. This cave was found by the same Bedouin, Abu Dahoud, who found the first cave in 1947.

Apart from this and another scroll from Cave 11 that Strugnell had seen personally, he had heard Harding speak of at least 2 never published scrolls from the same find. These, or some of them, were at that time (the Kuwait crisis) about to be bought by private, probably European collectors or bankers. The reason for buying them was for investments. Although Strugnell had arranged with serious buyers who would publicize the scrolls, he was not able to convince the owners to sell.

Abu Dahoud has confirmed that he and 10 other men found the cave, and sold the scrolls to many different people.


The importance of a complete Aramaic manuscript of the Book of Enoch could be immense. A DSS scholar writes: "No trace of the Parables of Enoch has been discovered at Qumran, and it is widely considered today to be a composition of the later first century C.E. If a pre-Christian copy of the Parables were ever discovered, it would create a sensation".

The Parables is a part of the Ethiopian translation of the Book of Enoch. It is disputed how old it is and if it was originally a part of Enoch (although today most scholars believe it to be pre-Christian). If it was proven to have been a part of the original Aramaic book, it would mean that all of its prophecies concerning the coming Son of Man, which no one can mistake for non other than Jesus, would have been written before Jesus was born.

A complete aramaic book of Enoch would also correct possible translation errors in the Ethiopic versions.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Introduction to the Enoch Interlinear

"And after that my grandfather Enoch gave me the teaching of all the secrets in the book in the Parables which had been given to him, and he put them together for me in the words of the book of the Parables." (Enoch 1912 68:1)

IMAGE: Two of the fragments of the Arameic Book of Enoch

It is the standpoint and settled belief of the editor of this website (after asking the Lord and having a holy experience in the Spirit, that the Book of Enoch is a work of God, (in its entirety), and that it is to be received in the same way as the Bible - although, as it is older, it is not supposed to be included in the Bible.

The Book of Enoch stands for itself, as the "bible" of the predeluvian world, and it has been preserved for us all through history, but especially for three main periods: the time of Noah, the time of the first coming of Jesus, and the time of the second coming of Jesus.

Interestingly, these three periods are separated by almost exactly 2000 years (which is appr. the same as the Zodiac's precession of about 2150 years):

1. ~2400 BC: Preparing for Noah's flood and the saving of Noah's family.
2. ~300 BC: Preparing for the destruction of the kingdom of Israel and for the saving of the NT saints.
3. ~1700 AD: Preparing for the Holocaust, the Harmagedon? and for the saving of the Endtime saints.

As we can see, God's clock is ticking, and the Book of Enoch is very much included in His plans for the ages.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Power in Jesus' Name

When I was newly saved (1980) I had an experience that reminds of an abduction. It had nothing to do with aliens and space, but I dreamt that I was laying on a table, surrounded by grotesque, demonic beings. One of them had green skin and a head that looked like that of a rhinoceros', and a big human-like body.

What they were doing, was that they were binding my thoughts. They pulled them out of my head, and for every pull, my conciousness diminished. Finally there was only a very small dot of my conciousness left, the rest was thick, black darkness.

In that moment a thought came that I must call upon the name of Jesus. I was newly saved, and hadn't yet made it a habit, or reflex. So I tried to say the name of Jesus, but I couldn't. Something resisted, I couldn't form my lips and couldn't move my cheek. I tried a couple of times, and finally I managed to squeeze through a small, almost unhearable whispering: JESUS! And immediately all of it disappeared - the darkness, the beings, and the dream. I awoke, and felt an unbelievable thankfulness to Jesus, and understood what a power there is in His name.

This thing, lying on a table surrounded by awful beings and being manipulated by them, is similar to those who are being abducted by "aliens".* It could be that evilness comes in different shapes to different people and in different times.

Or it could be that the powers of cosmos are working in both the spiritual and physical realm, which is what I believe. My experience wasn't physical, but I don't deny that others may have experienced similar things in the physical realm, and been taken aboard spaceships. It is in line with the Bible that encounters with the supernatural can be of both kinds.

It's not fantasies, and not regular nightmares. The Bible shows there is a spiritual world, and that the beings that resides there can descend to our realm, to the physical world. I believe some of these beings are travelling in space, both God's angels and the fallen Watchers. And that they have both spiritual and physical bodies, and can switch from the one to the other, when they chose to.

The acid test for God's good angels is that they love Jesus and don't proclaim anything that is against the Word of God, the Bible.

* At that time I knew nothing about abductions.

(Originally written in Swedish, 2005, on my website Bibeltemplet)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Sign in the Sky

This picture was taken recently over the community where I live. Actually just outside my house. I only had the cellphone camera at hands, but the picture clearly shows a very strange cloud hovering in the north sky. It has symmetric features, which a cloud cannot have. I'm just writing a series of articles about strange clouds and the angelic connection, and this shows up!

The same picture with more contrast

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Statue of the Beast

Saturday, September 13, 2008

What the Bible really teaches about the heavens

What the Bible really teaches about the heavens, hidden in the stories of the prophets, misunderstood by both the world and the church, is now revealed through this ministry (and others), as we are approaching the end times.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

The Expansion of the Universe

If space is expanding, why do scientists still talk about a big bang? The big bang theory said that something exploded into a space that was already there to receive that which was exploding. Now they believe space is created along with the exploding matter.

But the big bang isn't needed anymore if space itself is expanding. The objects in the universe could have come into existence separately, like crops in a field, or whatever. They all still would be moving apart from each other if space does the job of expansion.

A Natural Cycle of Energy

- and beyond the Universe

When it's snowing on a not so cold day, we can se the snowflakes fall to the ground as big chrystals, forming a wet sheet. After a while the flakes, or parts of them, melt to water, forming water-spots, later to unite into a small pond.

The frosen water therebye creates its own space, into which it expands.
I think this is how the universe is growing. Light emits from all stars in all directions constantly. Along the way the photons get distorted and lose some of their "density", and their "melted" energy then forms the surrounding, expanding space.

Take away the energy completely, and you take away space. But as that's not possible in reality, surrounding space-energy must fill the gap, therebye creating the effect of gravity. Objects move closer to each other because the distance between them is narrowed by their "hunger" for energy.

Where does the energy go? It goes into the objects, adding to their radiation of magnetic fields or light emitment. It then is cast out into the energy-ocean again. Therebye we have a natural cycle of light.

That's the "easy" part. The hard part would be to explain into what the emitted energy goes beyond the borders of the universe. How can something expand into nothing?

I'll try. Could this nothing be a virtual reality, a thought-frame into which the energy can "materialize"?

It should be something like that, because when one think about the edge of the Universe, one must conclude that a universe isn't possible.

The more I think about what's behind the edge, the more unreal it all seems. The universe can't be limited, because if there's nothing outside of it, universe is all. And yet, if it has a volume, it can't be unlimited.

So, the only solution would be that the Universe couldn't have come to existense, unless through a Creator, who by His mind shapes the room for it to enter.

Without His creative mind, expanding into nothingness wouldn't be possible. Nothing can go into nothing, unless nothing is something after all. And that something would be the virtual, or spiritual, thought-frame of God.

Monday, July 1, 2002

Space is Something

"AETHER" hasn't been shown to exist. But doesn't the fact that one can travel through "it" show that it exists? You can't travel through nothing. If we had a "nothing" between us and a star, we would see nothing but darkness (or more likely, be sucked closer to the star).

Even in relativity, gravity is said to be bending space. Then, as I understand it, space must consist of something.

There are distances in space. So there must be volume. And volume usually is a measure of fluids and similar things. If the distances were "nothing", then there would be no distances.

So, is the thought of space as a vacuum really making sence?

If the universe is expanding, is it because the objects are coming out from a big bang, or is it because space is moving them apart? If the first is true, I think that will be no hinder for the objects to consume space around them, while traveling outwards.

If I use the sea as a picture again, it would be like waves from a (very big) dive, moving outwards, while creeks still are draining the sea.

If there is new space added all the time, wouldn't that be something like the cosmological constant? I have no idea what kind of substance, if any, Einstein meant by that. But in my mind it would be like a cosmic "rain", coming from "above", into the electro-ocean.

I think of space fluid as the lowest possible form of energy - the fluidic, transparent state. Then there are radio- and light-waves, and after that matter. Matter would be the "frosen" state of the space fluid.

I believe there are similarities between everything in the universe.

Below the space fluid there would be vacuum. But because that state is impossible to uphold, just as it's impossible to make a hole in the ocean, the "surface" of space will, and must, be narrowed, all across.

Water can be deformed in shape, but not in state, because then it starts to boil or freeze. So if the space-ocean was drained, it's volume would shrink through the whole universe. It wouldn't transform into a lower density because there is no lower state. And therefore it couldn't be "streched". But reshaped, yes.

I know that Newton said something similar to this, and that Einstein showed it to be wrong. And who would question Albert Einstein? Still, to me it sounds more logic that gravity is consuming space, than bending it.

The reason that makes me think like this, is that I don't believe in a "nothing". Nothing is nothing, therefore it can't exist. You can't be in a nothing, you can't travel in it, mass can't expand in it, time can't pass in it. Space must be something, and as distances in it are measurable, while the substance of it isn't (yet), it would be logic to asume it's the lowest possible form, or state, of energy (something like the cosmic background radiation).

And perhaps everything else is created of, and from, this energy.

The only thing that actually exists, is energy. All other things, light, time, space and gravity, are different moods of energy. Then what is energy? Where did it come from? As I have understood, it is undestroyable, and therefore eternal - without beginning and end. Energy is all there is - period.

Very enlightening, one could say.

A quote from a scientific website: "It is fair to say that what Einstein did is that he replaced the absoluteness of time and of space with the absoluteness of light. Light is more fundamental than time and space."

A very biblical standpoint. As a Christian, I fully agree.

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

The Electro-Ocean

I think that gravitation is caused by the "disappearance" of the local space. In my view, space is not a real vacuum, but a room filled with a thin, not yet measurable, "fluidic" force-field, which is a conductor for light and electro-waves. Therefore I like to call it the "electro-ocean".

Real vacuum can't be created, because the spacefluid will fill the gap immediately. When a body, with it's mass, is present in space, it "sucks" up the energy around it, and the rest of space is dragged inwards, filling the vacuum. Thus, objects in space move closer to each other - not because they attract each other, but because the distance between them is narrowed.

If the space-fluid, or medium, is not elastic, this "gravity"-pull will move with infinite speed through the whole Universe. If space is elastic, gravity moves in a slower speed.

Since no one has been able to detect gravitation waves, I guess it's because the spacefluid can't be stretched. It's density is constant, because of a one-state nature.

This perhaps could be likened with draining a sea. No matter how small amount of water you tap from it, the whole sea's surface will sink. It's not just the surrounding area that will sink, but the whole sea.

So, gravitation is draining the electro-ocean, and every "floating" object in it has to follow. And every decrease would be felt through all the Universe, if one were able to detect it.

Wouldn't this save Einstein's theory, and yet allow information to travel "faster" than light? Shortening space doesn't change the speed of the traveler, it only changes the length of the travel.

Saturday, April 27, 2002

An Illuminated World

What are angels but glorified beings from another planet? Jesus has told us that we are going to be like them after the resurrection. Then they probably were like us, before THEIR resurrection.

We must leave the medieval conception of heaven and the spiritual world behind. Science has confirmed what heaven is. Heaven is space, with all of its fantastic galaxies, nebulas, stars and planets.

Jesus was resurrected not as a spirit only, but in a physical body. And a physical body requires a psysical room to live in. Jesus is not in some "other" dimension, he's living on a planet, which is called the Mountain of God, and where the Paradise is.

There are some ideas resembling this in New Age, but none of them are fully right. They have evolved because most christians are stuck in old traditions and haven't read the Bible as it is. And if we don't speak, others will.

Of course Ezekiel is describing a sort of space-ship. The angels of God are using such crafts, as are the angels of the enemy. This is seen in many Scriptures.

The state of things in Paradise is glorified, that is, the light of God is illuminating everything. That is why Jesus could walk through closed doors after His resurrection. Still he ate, he had scars left from the cross, and the disciples could touch and feel his body as any human body.

Jesus also breathed, which tells us he still has loungues. So such is life in heaven, at the Holy Mountain of God.

This planet, the Earth, is a fallen Paradise. It was in heaven from the beginning, but "fell out" because of Adam's sin. But you can still see the remnants of Paradise here. This world was perfect from the start, so there can't be another heaven at a higher level of creation-quality. That which is perfect is perfect, and so, a paradise is a planet where there is no sin and no death.

Such is the plan of God, and we can all be a part of it through Jesus, Son of God and son of Man.

Friday, January 5, 2001

Knowledge - to know God

KNOWLEDGE IS A CONDITION. Not a static, but a progressive, forwarding spiritual condition. Knowledge is to know God, not having known God, or having met him sometime, or to meet him sometimes - but to KNOW him, to live in an unbroken, increasing fellowship with him.

Saturday, January 1, 2000

About this blog

Although some of the posts in this blog are from before 2008, this blog isn't that old. I've just given the posts the dates of when those articles were written.
(And to get this post to be the first, I had to give it the oldest date.)