Saturday, April 27, 2002

An Illuminated World

What are angels but glorified beings from another planet? Jesus has told us that we are going to be like them after the resurrection. Then they probably were like us, before THEIR resurrection.

We must leave the medieval conception of heaven and the spiritual world behind. Science has confirmed what heaven is. Heaven is space, with all of its fantastic galaxies, nebulas, stars and planets.

Jesus was resurrected not as a spirit only, but in a physical body. And a physical body requires a psysical room to live in. Jesus is not in some "other" dimension, he's living on a planet, which is called the Mountain of God, and where the Paradise is.

There are some ideas resembling this in New Age, but none of them are fully right. They have evolved because most christians are stuck in old traditions and haven't read the Bible as it is. And if we don't speak, others will.

Of course Ezekiel is describing a sort of space-ship. The angels of God are using such crafts, as are the angels of the enemy. This is seen in many Scriptures.

The state of things in Paradise is glorified, that is, the light of God is illuminating everything. That is why Jesus could walk through closed doors after His resurrection. Still he ate, he had scars left from the cross, and the disciples could touch and feel his body as any human body.

Jesus also breathed, which tells us he still has loungues. So such is life in heaven, at the Holy Mountain of God.

This planet, the Earth, is a fallen Paradise. It was in heaven from the beginning, but "fell out" because of Adam's sin. But you can still see the remnants of Paradise here. This world was perfect from the start, so there can't be another heaven at a higher level of creation-quality. That which is perfect is perfect, and so, a paradise is a planet where there is no sin and no death.

Such is the plan of God, and we can all be a part of it through Jesus, Son of God and son of Man.


  1. The Bible talks of three heavens, the first is the air where the birds flew. The second is space and the third is where Paul speaks of in 2Cor 12:2. To get to this Heaven takes the Lord, not a spaceship that cannot defy physical laws. I believe this points to an extradimensional heaven.

  2. So why do angels of God have spaceships then? The Bible is full of stories about angelic vehicles travelling around in space and in our atmosphere. Just go ahead and read without religious filters, and you will see it.