Thursday, January 28, 2010

Introduction to the Enoch Interlinear

"And after that my grandfather Enoch gave me the teaching of all the secrets in the book in the Parables which had been given to him, and he put them together for me in the words of the book of the Parables." (Enoch 1912 68:1)

IMAGE: Two of the fragments of the Arameic Book of Enoch

It is the standpoint and settled belief of the editor of this website (after asking the Lord and having a holy experience in the Spirit, that the Book of Enoch is a work of God, (in its entirety), and that it is to be received in the same way as the Bible - although, as it is older, it is not supposed to be included in the Bible.

The Book of Enoch stands for itself, as the "bible" of the predeluvian world, and it has been preserved for us all through history, but especially for three main periods: the time of Noah, the time of the first coming of Jesus, and the time of the second coming of Jesus.

Interestingly, these three periods are separated by almost exactly 2000 years (which is appr. the same as the Zodiac's precession of about 2150 years):

1. ~2400 BC: Preparing for Noah's flood and the saving of Noah's family.
2. ~300 BC: Preparing for the destruction of the kingdom of Israel and for the saving of the NT saints.
3. ~1700 AD: Preparing for the Holocaust, the Harmagedon? and for the saving of the Endtime saints.

As we can see, God's clock is ticking, and the Book of Enoch is very much included in His plans for the ages.

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